Lightning-fast holidays are coming with the KPN 4G-Petes

You can also go to KPN for your holiday gifts! All shopping streets with a KPN store saw the frenzied activity of the fastest ‘Petes’ in the Netherlands: the 4G-Petes. This modern variation on the Dutch tradition created spectacular attention to the KPN-store activation. The shopping public was encouraged to fill out their holiday wish list with a top 3 of their most favorite presents. Random winners will be chosen from this list and the winners will be made public during Saint Nicholas and Christmas.

The Dutch shopping streets see their busiest traffic during the holidays, but the shopping public is not always aware of the possibility of doing their holiday shopping at the KPN store. That is why KPN decided to have a special holiday shop activation that gave the public the chance to win fantastic gifts from a special KPN wish list.

The activity generated by the lightning-fast 4G-Petes made for a fun dynamic in the streets, which made sure that the KPN stores were well-visited by the shopping public.

The wish list promotion will run until the 24th of December. During the run-up to Christmas, the KPN stores will be in the center of another striking campaign as the 4G-Santa Clauses take to the streets. So stay alert, because you’ll miss them before you know!

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