Street lighting on? Bicycle lights on!

BrandBase creates activation campaign for ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club)

Cyclists without proper lighting are a vulnerable group in traffic. Commissioned by ANWB, BrandBase developed and launched a bicycle lighting campaign. The goal: to create awareness in the Netherlands about the importance of proper bicycle lighting to reduce traffic accidents among cyclists. The leading role and theme of the campaign was the ANWB Light Brigade. A bold and fresh team with a mission. The rule of thumb for this campaign: Street lighting on? Bicycle lights on!

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The strategy BrandBase used, was that the Light Brigades notable regional activations get a nationwide reach for the message. These actions were executed in the autumnal month of October, with a thrilling character. Like the spotlight campaign in which the Light Brigade, with a spotlight on top of their Brigade Mobile, put a spotlight on cyclists without lighting. This occurred in the streets of, among others, Groningen, Enschede, 's-Hertogenbosch, Utrecht, Amsterdam and the darkest town of the Netherlands: Ootmarsum. Whenever the Light Brigade came across a cyclist with no lighting, it guided it safely home with a powerful beam from the spotlight. At home, the cyclist got a set of bicycle lights to make sure that next time, they ride their bikes with proper lighting.

Also, the message of #lightson was communicated with online content. With a cinematic trailer, the Light Brigade was introduced and with short dynamically edited shorts of the activation you could see the Light Brigade in action.

As a final event of the campaign, the ANWB Bicycle Cinema was organised on the night daylight saving time ended. A drive-in cinema, for cyclists. Your bike with proper lighting was your entree ticket and your saddle or carrier your movie seat. The Bicycle Cinema too was met with much attention of the media, before and during the Bicycle Cinema.

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