HEMA celebrates election Most Indispensable Brand with: a mega smoked sausage

For HEMA, BrandBase mowed a five acre smoked sausage in a sustainable cropland

On November 13, 2014, HEMA was elected the Most Indispensable Brand of the Netherlands for the seventh time. The retailer used this moment to focus the attention to the organic version of the equally indispensable HEMA smoked sausage. Activation agency BrandBase designed a remarkable PR stunt and online activation to share this festive moment in the best possible way. The agency picked up a tractor and mowed the iconic HEMA sausage the size of five acres in organic cropland close to Schiphol.

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Departing and arriving flights see this Dutch icon from high altitude. This way, HEMA creates a Dutch 'Hello - Goodbye' moment: travellers see what they will, according to the report, miss most or what they can finally taste again upon arrival. The organic sausage is made durable, so BrandBase also made the mega sausage durable: the mowed grass will be turned into paper and baskets. The activation was filmed and turned into a 'making of' movie, starring our actual farmer.

Additionally, BrandBase developed an online game. HEMA’s Facebook page showed a picture of the mega smoked sausage on an organic crop field. The game: guess where you think the organic smoked sausage is hidden in the field. Mark the picture where you think the organic sausage is. Who is closest gets a year long free organic Hema smoked sausage.

BrandBase makes its integrated campaigns preferably close to the people. Doing so, the agency gets and holds the attention of both press and public. All campaigns are eye-catching activations in which live communication and PR are vital to the success. With public attention and social integration BrandBase’s activations are grand and very close to the target… and they are guaranteed to give a smile.

The HEMA sausage is one of HEMA’s icons since 1936. The Dutch call the sausage 'indispensable’. No wonder, for every three seconds, a HEMA smoked sausage is sold. From 2014, HEMA sells the iconic sausage in both an original and organic version. The organic variation is made of organic pork and herbs and is more sustainable.

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