Shell Eco-marathon 2013: a huge success!

More than memorable event with a record of 50,000 visitors.

During five days, 15 until 19 May 2013, the 30th Shell Eco-marathon was organized. About 3,000 student in 200 teams from all over Europe competed each other with their self-built fuel-saving cars. Next to the marathon BrandBase organized the Shell Energy Lab, three halls full of interesting and inspiring attractions, all about the future of mobility and energy. Main theme; Visit the future of tomorrow. This year over 50,000 visitors made it to Ahoy, even more then expected.

From 15 until 19of May, AHOY Rotterdam was totally transformed into a place brimming with technology, innovation and fun. During the Shell Eco-marathon, over 3,000 students in 183 teams from across 24 countries competed with hyper-fuel-efficient cars they built and designed themselves. The challenge at the 29th European edition was to drive as many kilometres as possible on the equivalent of one litre of fuel.

At the same time, other fascinating events took place in three AHOY halls that were converted into the Shell Energy Lab, a highly entertaining collection of futuristic attractions, all about energy and the future energy visions. These attractions were designed to appeal specifically to children, who were invited by their schools and through a national promotion campaign. Free entry and easy smart chip registration ensured a personal feel to every attraction.

The Shell Energy Lab was a fantastic event for the whole family. It was a complete world in and around AHOY. The future of mobility and energy were the central themes; ‘Experience the world of tomorrow’. This year the number of visitors –some 10,000 more than in 2012 – exceeded expectations.


BrandBase; we did it again!

Director Marvin Pupping said; ‘With the Shell Energy Lab we have created a highly entertaining festival next to the Shell Eco-marathon, to ensure that more visitors come to the event. Basically, the principal objective for Shell, and what they instructed us to do, was to create a solution that would draw more visitors to the Shell Eco-marathon.

Whereas the event used to be hidden in a remote part of Germany, nowadays it is widely known, draws large crowds and really makes a difference when it comes to promoting sustainable mobility, the subject of resilience and the New energy Future. We are very happy that the number of visitors has grown again this year.

This event is a perfect example of brand engagement. This production is evidence to the fact that brand activation is a contemporary solution and that it works.’

BrandBase was responsible for part of the concept and co-production of the festival (Shell Energy Lab), in co-operation with Imagination.



Over 50,000 visitors, the entire stock of 30,000 free of charge salt-water fuel cell mini-cars were handed out. The Ferris wheel completed over 2,200 revolutions, approximately, and over 23,000 snacks were handed out.

"This event is a perfect example of brand engagement. This production is evidence to the fact that brand activation is a contemporary solution and that it works." Marvin Pupping
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