ING’s Mobile Banking App turns 3 and treats… to APPle pie

12 railway stations never smelled this good: BrandBase treated all ING Mobile Banking clients to apple pie.

ING’s Mobile Banking App turns 3, and you celebrate a birthday… by treating. Activation agency BrandBase turned the birthday party into a friendly campaign that thanks ING customers for their enthusiastic use and encourages all ‘non-users’ tot start using the app. The agency designed a campaign that combines live communication, advertisement and social media. The central campaign image: a slice of APPle pie.

On November 13, 12 bakers were ready at 12 railway stations. With a cart packed with slices of pie to treat app-users. When presented their ING App, rail passengers got a free slice of apple pie. They continued their tasty journey with a big smile. The same treat was used as a pie chart in an add and on Facebook. Every province got a custom made advertisement with interesting statistics and facts about 3 years of ING Mobile Banking usage in their province. 

ING has 7,4 million customers of whom about 5 million have My ING. You need My ING to use the Mobile Banking App. The app turns 3 this year, and ING wants to celebrate that with its users. ING also wants to encourage friends and non-users to download the app and enjoy the benefits of using it.

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